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Algolux teams up with Mila for AI, computer vision research initiative(BETAKIT)

This collaboration will concentrate on enhancing the safety of autonomous vehicles and robots, the accuracy of video surveillance, and user experience with consumer computer vision applications.

Near raises $100M for an AI that merges online and offline behavior to build consumer profiles(TECHCRUNCH)

The company believes that this Series D — from a single backer, Greater Pacific Capital (GPC) out of London — is one of the biggest rounds ever to be raised in this particular area of marketing technology.

Microsoft bets $1 billion on the Holy Grail of AI (Artificial Intelligence)(FORBES)

The goal is to build a next-generation AI platform that is not only powerful but ethical and trustworthy.

Yourika, VoiceHero accepted to third class of Techstars’ Amazon Alexa Accelerator(BETAKIT)

Two Canadian startups, EdTech company Yourika, and voice technology startup VoiceHero, have been selected to participate in Techstars’ Amazon Alexa Accelerator.

Neurosensum, AI-enabled market research startup raises Series A, launches experience management software(THEWEEK)

New funds will boost the startup’s international reach, as it recently started its commercial offices in Singapore and India.

Today in seed funding: Clik.ai, Veühub(BETAKIT)

Two Toronto-based startups have announced fresh funding rounds to fuel their growth. Here’s the latest on who has raised.

Canada’s Element AI is making a high-stakes gamble it can be a world-beater(THEGLOBEANDMAIL)

The Montreal-based artificial intelligence innovator has impressive backers and a hefty bankroll, but can it deliver what it promises?

Wisely raises $1.5 million CAD seed round for AI helping nonprofits fundraise(BETAKIT)

Founded in 2017, Wisely is looking to use its new capital to advance philanthropic fundraising through the use of AI and machine learning.

DeepMind is teaching Google’s self-driving cars to get smarter and spot pedestrians better(BUSINESSINSIDER)

The new technique improved the cars’ ability to spot various objects, and reduced their rate of “false positive” pedestrians by 24%.

Ratio.City raises $1 million seed round for AI-powered urban analytics platform(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based Ratio.City, a Proptech startup specializing in using data for urban development, has raised $1 million in seed financing to fuel the expansion of its cloud-based urban analytics tool.

Bias in AI: A problem recognized but still unresolved(TECHCRUNCH)

As the technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous across every industry, it will become more and more important to eliminate any bias in the technology.

Ample Labs, Ada officially launch AI chatbot for Toronto’s homeless community(BETAKIT)

Ample Labs, a Toronto-based non-profit that builds technology solutions for the homeless community has officially launched Chalmers, its AI-powered chatbot, in partnership with AI and chatbot technology company Ada.

SoftBank announces AI-focused second $108 billion Vision Fund with LPs including Microsoft, Apple and Foxconn(TECHCRUNCH)

SoftBank said the fund’s capital has reached about $108 billion, based on memoranda of understandings. SoftBank Group’s own investment in the fund will be $38 billion.

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