1Password looks to help businesses secure unmanaged devices with a new offering

Extended Access Management stems from 1Password’s acquisition of Kolide in February.

Toronto-based 1Password has launched Extended Access Management (XAM), a new offering to help businesses secure connections from unmanaged applications and devices. Unmanaged devices are typically employee-owned phones, computers, and networks not set up by a business’s IT or security team. 

1Password claims it has surpassed 150,000 business customers.

Alongside single sign-on and 1Password’s flagship password-management solution, XAM provides real-time device trust detection, which will force users to solve security concerns before providing access to company applications, and contextual access management, which guides end users through securing their devices when access is blocked. 

User identity and application visibility features will also become available for beta testing this fall. The features will help manage the entire lifecycle of end-user identity and provide IT security teams visibility into unmanaged applications, respectively. 

Some of XAM’s features stem from Kolide’s platform, a Boston-based contextual access management firm 1Password acquired for an undisclosed amount in February. The deal saw Kolide’s entire 30-person team join 1Password–including Kolide CEO Jason Meller, as 1Password’s vice-president of product–and was intended to bring new employee-device security to 1Password’s offerings.

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1Password CEO Jeff Shiner said in a statement that security tools aren’t keeping pace with the modern work environment, referring to the growth of hybrid and remote work, leaving IT security teams unable to block sensitive data flowing to and from unmanaged applications or compromised devices. 

“Businesses everywhere are facing the Access Trust Gap, a measure of the percentage of total sign-ins that aren’t trusted. The greater the gap, the greater the risk of a data breach,” Shiner said. “1Password Extended Access Management provides security and IT teams with a way to secure every sign-in to every application–managed or unmanaged–from every device.”

While 1Password is known for its password-management tools, it has been making moves to expand its footprint in the cybersecurity space. The startup began pushing companies to take on passkeys following its acquisition of Passage in November 2022 and enlisted the help of David Faugno in September 2023. Faugno, as its first-ever president and COO, was tasked with scaling 1Password to new markets and product offerings. 

Last year, 1Password celebrated hitting $250 million in annual recurring revenue and 50 percent year-over-year growth in B2B sales. Alongside the launch of XAM, 1Password claimed it hit a new milestone: surpassing 150,000 business customers, which includes clients such as Atari, the Golden State Warriors, and Stripe. 

Feature image courtesy 1Password.

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