$100K Is Up for Grabs Today at the VeloCity Fund Finals

Ten student startups are currently competing at the University of Waterloo today, for the VeloCity Fund Finals. The show started at 11 am EST at the Student Life Centre (SLC).

Four startups will walk away with cheques for $25,000, with no equity commitment, while another ten will compete for the $1,000 finals. Startups competing must have at least one cofounder as a student of the University of Waterloo.

Here’s the companies vying for the $25,000 cheques:

Code Connect is a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio that dynamically visualizes program control flow for developers as they code, making software development and design easier.

ExVivo is changing the way allergies are tested. Their product provides an alternative to existing skin prick methods by moving the reaction outside of a patient’s body. This will give allergists a more rapid way to screen for allergies and offer patients results that are safe, simple and certain.

EyeCheck is a vision diagnostics solution involving a mobile app for taking photographs of the eyes, imaging equipment, and image processing algorithms that combined can provide a quick and inexpensive assessment of a patient’s full prescription. It’s ideal for making vision care accessible in regions around the world where it is otherwise not available, affordable or accessible.

Grobo is a personalized app-controlled in-home gardening system that lets anyone grow a successful garden at anytime of the year, regardless of their experience level.

Localmotive is an online marketplace for farmers, bakers, coffee roasters and other producers to sell and distribute small quantities of locally produced food to a larger audience. It features a private online portal for producers to quickly update their offerings; real-time product availability and ordering; and order consolidation for producers.

Maieutic Enterprises is a programmable surface technology that can be used to monitor and correct defects in manufacturing.

MAJiK Systems is a web app where factory managers and machine operators can view their machines’ status, efficiency and errors in real-time.

Tempest Insight is a cloud tool that helps real estate developers choose what type of building to build and how to price them. Tempest does this by analyzing location-based data and generating statistical models.

Ubiq is reinventing the way presentations are given in enterprise organizations by allowing users to wirelessly present from their tablets or laptops to existing projectors and TVs in their meeting rooms.

Vitameter is a personal device that can inexpensively measure a user’s vitamin levels. An accompanying app allows users to track their deficiencies and actively manage their diet.

Here’s the companies competing in the $1,000 finals:

Ball Labs – an automated tennis racquet-stringing machine

Boogaloo Bunks – instantly transforms bunk beds into light-proof sound-resistent personal pods complete with interior pockets and LED lighting

Jam – a mobile app that allows users to make music together

MedTempo – a smart pillbox that alerts patients when it’s time for their medication

OnePanel – a multi-platform communications framework for discovering, sharing and managing content across devices, including support for iOS, Windows, Mac and Android

Project MUSE – allowing users to rapidly prototype music development by transforming humming/beatboxing into audio tracks

Retail Sensei – an iBeacon network for retailers to access and analyze data about their shoppers to provide them with a more personalized in-store experience

SpeakUp – a gamefied speaking platform for users to master critical thinking and their overall ability for public speaking

Suncayr – a UV-responsive marker that’s applied before sunscreen and changes colour once your sunscreen is no longer protecting you

Tactic Hive – improves the gaming experience for casual, amateur and semi-professional gamers alike by separating them into groups based on their skill level for competiting in gaming tournaments

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