Uberflip announces 1,000 paying customers, 1 Billion Page Flips

Congrats to the team at Uberflip! The Toronto-based company has just declared that they’ve passed 1,000 paying customers for their digital publishing and content marketing software, plus a whopping 1 billion page flips.

The company rebranded to Uberflip back in 2012 and Yoav Schwartz, Founder and CEO, said they’ve seen their customer base increase 362% the brand change. “Reaching 1000 customers is a significant milestone for me and our team of 25 employees. It’s been a little over a year since we rebranded to Uberflip, and the growth has been astonishing. We’ve had over 10K companies use our software, with over 100K flipbooks created.”

Source: Uberflip


Len Covello

Len Covello is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology. Len launched his first tech company when he was 18-year-old and is currently CTO at Raw Inc. where he is responsible for application development, and directs all research and development initiatives.

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