Zonetail says its hyperlocal focus should be industry standard for location-based apps

Finding out about the services and amenities offered by hotels and condominiums can be a time-consuming task for residents and guests.

To help save time, Toronto-based Zonetail, pitching on The Disruptors, has developed a mobile application that connects residents and guests to the amenities and services of a given property and its surrounding neighbourhood. Hotels and condominiums have the ability to make direct reservations, while customers can use the app to organize the most relevant information to them regarding a hotel or condominium’s services. In addition, local businesses in the surrounding neighbourhood can use the app to advertise their products and services.

“The application is downloaded by the guest or resident and they can now use the application to interact with various amenities and services within the building, digitizing the entire communication process,” said Mark Holmes, the founder and CEO of Zonetail. “Our goal is to be industry standard worldwide.”

While co-host Bruce Croxon thinks it’s difficult to get into the hotel market, he says he’s impressed with Zonetail’s success of having 25,000 hotels and 2,250 condominiums already using their application. “That’s [hotels] a very tough market to penetrate and if he does his job right, it’s a tough customer to lose.”

Watch the whole pitch below:

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