ZINation launches on Magento ahead of L-SPARK’s Canadian SaaS showcase

ZINation, an automated merchandising platform for e-commerce storefronts, announced today the launch of its Product Catalog Builder on Magento.

Owned by eBay, Magento has over 250,000 stores powered by its open-source commerce platform. ZINation’s two-click provisioning will allow these merchants to create dynamic product catalogs for their stores within minutes, integrating all product related content (photos, SKU’s, descriptions, variants, etc.) across mobile, social media, and the web.

ZINation will be presenting at L-SPARK’s Canadian SaaS Showcase September 17th.

“The Magento launch gives ZINation the opportunity to develop new partnerships with the B2B enterprise market and deliver merchandising solutions for wholesalers and manufacturers,” said David Ker, CEO & co-founder of ZINation.

Commercially launching on Shopify this past April, ZINation has been adopted by several thousand businesses managing tens of thousands of digital assets. The company is quick to credit its participation with L-SPARK, an incubator and accelerator focused on Enterprise SaaS and cloud startups, for opening the door to several new business opportunities it looks to close a seed round later this year.

ZINation will also be presenting at L-SPARK’s Canadian SaaS Showcase at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa on September 17th. The Canadian SaaS Showcase has each of L-SPARK’s incubator and accelerator participants showcasing their progress to the community as part of inaugural cohort’s graduation celebration.

“We continue to be impressed with ZINation’s progress and congratulate them on this important milestone. Ottawa is shaping up to be a hub for B2B SaaS start-ups, including those focused on e-commerce,” said Leo Lax, Managing Director of L-SPARK.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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