Women Are Starting the Most Crowdfunding Campaigns According to FundRazr’s 2013 Data

Women are creating the majority of the crowdfunding projects listed on FundRazr‘s crowdfunding platform, and the majority of the site’s traffic is coming from women as well.

The Vancouver-based company recently released an infographic detailing statistics it compiled during 2013. FundRazr isn’t as popular as the two bigger crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but nevertheless has raised over $40 million in over 20 countries since it launched in 2010.

FundRazr was co-developed with PayPal and crowdfunders can use the site to fund many different things that they cannot on Kickstarter- such as medical bills, accidents and disasters, funerals, animals and pets and non-profits. Typically on Kickstarter, projects must be “creative” in nature and thus usually come in hardware form.


FundRazr’s year-end statistics revealed that the global crowdfunding market reached $5.1 billion in 2013. On FundRazr’s platform specifically, 65 percent of the visitors are women and 58 percent of the campaign creators are women as well. More men are spending money on the site though: 64 percent of campaign contributors are men.

It looks like most people are browsing through the site while on-the-go too: 43 percent of FundRazr’s traffic came from a smartphone or tablet and the most popular browser among visitors was Safari (mobile).

When people are contributing they’re more likely doing it on a computer, and with Google Chrome. 25-34 year-olds created the most campaigns and 90 percent of all creators did so on a computer.

Here’s the infographic:


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