Why Twitter’s Nolan O’Brien won’t be a software engineer at 65

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Twitter Senior Software Engineer Nolan O’Brien had a slightly easier time than most Canadians working for startups in the U.S. Heading south and establishing residency while in high school, O’Brien was able to avoid the Visa issues that complicate work for so many of his friends. But in this interview clip with Rob Woodbridge of UNTETHER.tv, O’Brien discusses a different type of work concern: sunsetting and maximizing potential while in your prime.

“I may be a fantastic engineer at 65, but I don’t have very much confidence in being able to compete with the other 30 year old architects out there,” he said. “Finding a job isn’t that difficult, but the competitive landscape is so dog eat dog.”

Watch the full interview with Nolan O’Brien on UNTETHER.tv.



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