Welcome back to BetaKit – a site dedicated to Canadian Startups!

It takes courage and determination to start your own business. Being a startup is a tough choice, it can sometimes be very isolated and most certainly lacks immediate recognition and success. However, if you have determination there’s a sense of accomplishment as your idea starts to take shape and becomes fully realized.

When Sarah Prevette and Erin Bury launched BetaKit back in February of 2012 they aimed to give readers an alternative choice in the market. The site, at the time, was widely successful and regarded as an informative publication for startup and emerging technology news. Unfortunately, a year into its life, parent-company PostMedia decided to shut down the site and integrate it into the FP. This left the startup community stunned and frustrated, I can definitely be counted as one of those in disbelief.   Months later, I pursued the idea of re-launching BetaKit with a streamlined focus. Welcome back to BetaKit! One could call this version 2.0 and our focus is about Canada.

BetaKit will highlight Canadian startup news and emerging technology. As an owner of a small startup, I’m inspired by the incubation of ideas and the people who bring them to life.  There are so many Canadians building remarkable products and services, such as Whirlscape, Dandy, Instaradio, FreshBooks, Vouchr, or the many inside the stellar accelerator programs across our country: Communitech in Waterloo, Toronto with MaRS and Xtreme Startups, Montreal’s FounderFuel, Vancouver’s GrowLab, and New Brunswick-based Launch36.

The story of how Canadians are building the next great tech or service needs to be told and we’re here to play a small role in amplifying this message.  We don’t take this lightly and recognize that this is a big project so please consider the current iteration of the site in beta – the next version will go live in early 2014. We’ve assembled some talented writers and need more to join us. We’ll be publishing news on a daily basis, giving tips and tools that startups can use to achieve success, plus we will have a community for you to ask and answer questions. We want to hear from you if you think you’re working on something spectacular.

Drop us a note on our contact page and connect with us!


Ian Hardy

Ian is publisher at MobileSyrup. He's been quietly creating and building things for years and is completely addicted to Tim Hortons.

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