Wattpad says over 100 million stories have been shared on its platform, 45 million registered users


Toronto-based Wattpad, the company who created a community of readers and writers to share books for free, was last pegged in September at having 35 million users who spent a total of 274 minutes per month on the service. At the time, Wattpad noted that over 70 million books have been uploaded.

Now six months later, Wattpad is continuing its massive growth and claiming to be the “world’s largest community of readers and writers.” The company informed us that over 100 million stories have been uploaded on the platform (desktop, iOS and Android app). Wattpad is available in over 30 languages and users have spent over 11 billion minutes on the platform per month.”

Here is a breakdown of Wattpad statistics:
– More than 45 million people have joined Wattpad (registered users).
– More than 35 million people use Wattpad every month (monthly uniques).
– More than 100 million uploads have been shared
– At least 250,000 uploads are shared per day
– People spend 11 billion minutes a month on Wattpad
– A new users joins Wattpad every second
– More than 24 hours of reading material is posted to Wattpad every minute
– Writers account for about 10% of our community


“Readers have always loved us because we have the stories they can’t find anywhere else,” said Wattpad’s CEO and Co-founder Allen Lau. “This week, we crossed a major milestone; 100 million uploads of engaging original content. It’s no wonder people spend 11 billion minutes per month reading on Wattpad.”

Wattpad has raised over $65 million and backed by well known investors such as Union Square Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Jerry Yang/AME Cloud Ventures, Golden Venture Partners, and Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures.


Ian Hardy

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