Waterloo Accelerator Centre Graduates blueRover and Trustpoint Innovations

Two startups have graduated from Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre, a program dedicated to accelerating technology entrepreneurship. The two startups are TrustPoint Innovation Technologies and blueRover.

TrustPoint Innovation Technologies specializes in secure machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. As a “Certificate Authority,” TrustPoint creates, manages and distributes the vital credentials that establish secure authentication between wired and wireless products and services that operate within the Internet of Things. These include Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Broadband Wireless and NFC tags. It was Founded by “world-renowned” cryptographer and University of Waterloo distinguished professor emeritus, the late Dr. Scott Vanstone, and Sherry Shannon-Vanstone. TrustPoint is leveraging its extensive knowledge and pedigree in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) to provide the M2M market with the most efficient form of secure authentication.

Meanwhile, blueRover is a company “in relentless pursuit of intelligence.” The company, founded by long time entrepreneur and businessman Loreto Saccucci, provides a technically advanced platform that helps companies in the transportation, food, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals industries. With blueRover they can monitor and track asset data and resources around the globe and react to business changes in real-time.

“Today’s graduates are both focused on providing solutions within the M2M realm, a market estimated to exceed $86 billion by 2017,” said Tim Ellis, CEO of the Waterloo Accelerator Centre. “Once again, we are seeing a tremendous diversity of tech companies flowing through our doors addressing a wide range of business challenges and industries. Both companies are graduating on a very solid footing and are destined to be significant players within their markets and economic contributors within Waterloo Region.”

The graduation event featured a presentation from Ryan Gariepy, CTO of Clearpath Robotics, a highly successful Accelerator Centre graduate. Clearpath is this year celebrating its fifth year in business and was recently featured on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet.

Since 2006, The Accelerator Program has developed and nurtured over 120 early-stage technology start-ups, creating 1000+ new jobs, generating over $110 million in revenue, and attracting over $170 million in investment. Thirty-six companies have graduated from The Accelerator Program, and more than 85 percent of these companies have remained in Waterloo Region.

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