Want a Different Kind of iOS Inbox? Toronto’s Inbox Cube To Launch

Anyone reading this is likely using the Apple iPhone mail app as their iOS inbox (and it’s estimated that 24 percent of the world’s email opens regardless of device are done through Apple iPhone). But like everything else in tech there’s always room for a fresher alternative.

Toronto-based startup Inbox Cube is launching its iOS email inbox in a few weeks, hoping to lure those looking for an inbox overhaul. It’s a multi-dimensional, colourful change to typical inboxes, bringing email into focus with “visually-enhanced snapshots that display attachments and content.” The startup describes its app as “designed intuitively for the mobile experience,” and claims its “changing the future of email”.

Inbox - Expanded

The iOS app supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL and IMAP and multiple e-mail accounts and for now those interested can sign for the beta version.

“E-mail is one of the so-called ‘ancient’ tools that we still need and use to genuinely communicate with others, but we still haven’t found a way to navigate through the noise and clutter that comes along with your inbox,” said CEO Kalpesh Rathod. “With Inbox Cube, we’re working to address this issue by visualizing your email content and making it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for on your mobile device.”


With Inbox Cube, email is automatically organized into three tabs, known as cubes-the ‘Email Cube’,’ Attachment Cube’ and ‘Contact Cube’. The Email Cube lets users scroll and zoom into visual snapshots of an email and the Attachment Cube allows users to find, sort and actually see all sent and received attachments in one place. Finally, the Contacts Cube helps users sort and find all emails and attachments by contacts.

Multiple account access is a nice addition to the app, as users can sign into three Gmail and two Yahoo! mail accounts, for example. “Message cards” provide visual HTML snapshots of each individual email in the email cube and visual thumbnails allow users to view videos, photos and documents within the app, without having having to leave the ‘cube’.

As well, users can quickly jump between multiple email threads, seeing all new emails at the top of the thread.

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