Video: Preo’s New App Ensures You’ll Never Have to Wait In Line For a Drink Again

In the second instalment of our Extreme Startups series, our Joseph Czikk chatted with Preo CEO Richard Liang. The startup’s new app lets patrons at busy bars and restaurants order and pay for their drinks right from their smartphones. “You’ll never have to wait in line again,” assured Liang, who’s two-tap app should solve troublesome wait times.

The pair chatted about how easy it would be for a drunk person to order a drink (really easy, Liang told us: “the application is super simple, especially for a drunk person”) and how convenient the app will be for busy bartenders and servers who rarely have a minute to catch their breath.

The team is ready to build out their first two communities in Toronto and New York and is even eyeing Hong Kong as a new market. Liang told us why they decided to relocate from New York City to Toronto, and what brought them to Extreme Startups.

Check it out here:

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