VIDEO: Check Out How This Short Film Views Toronto’s Tech Ecosystem

West Toronto-based NicheID, a media production company, has come up with a pretty interesting take on Toronto’s startup ecosystem. Last week the company released an 18-minute video spotlighting Toronto’s startup ecosystem.

We don’t know too much about NicheID, other than that they’re based in Toronto, but the film is narrated and hosted by Bianca Bykhovsky.

The main “startups” that are interviewed in the film include Demac Media, with over 30 employees, and Canada Post, which is a crown corporation of the government of Canada. Other interviewees who shed light on Toronto’s startup community include Darrick Li of Comscore (a publicy-traded American company with headquarters in Virginia) and professor Nick Kenyeres of George Brown College.

Despite the limited sample size of actual startups, the 18-minute piece is well produced and points out some of the challenges that Toronto has yet to overcome as a high-powered startup economy.

Check it out here:

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