Deetectee patents digital identification technology for mobile devices

Victoria-based Deetectee Microsystems is claiming to have invented “the first and only technology that enables secure, digital identification of a person in a mobile environment.” The “Single Burst Optical Recognition” patented technology “enables secure and simple digital identification of individuals and objects.”

The company stated in their promo video that we’ll soon be able to “securely and instantly share personal information between people, organizations and businesses.” Everything from wearable devices, smartphones and tablets will eventually have the need to talk to each other and with this we’ll need secure authentication. “Single Burst will change how people interact with their information, their environment and each other,” said technology inventor, Edwin Braun, co-founder, Deetectee. “By carrying a secure online identity in a Smartphone or other mobile device, we will be able to enter secure environments, make payments and connect with the people around us without restrictions.”

Single Burst “will work in dark, foggy or smoky environments or in large groups, recognizing multiple people at once.” In the future everyone will be wearing Google Glass. Information about people, restaurants, attractions, health information, banking will be immediately available to us and Deetectee wants all developers to incorporate Single Burst. “This instant and accurate identification of a person means that, in the future, it will be used in place of passwords, photo ID and even the physical use of credit cards. It will change the way we do everything as there simply won’t be a need to prove your identity anymore,” said Braun.

Source: Deetectee
Via: PRNewswire


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