Venture for Canada partners with RBC to support young entrepreneurs

Venture for Canada

While the expected path for college and university graduates is to find a well-paying job in an established company, in the past few years, the appeal of startups has drawn these fresh-faced grads into more non-traditional routes like entrepreneurship.

Knowing this, Venture for Canada, a nonprofit organization that recruits graduates to work at startups, has partnered with the RBC Social Finance Initiative to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The partnership, which will last for three years, is Venture for Canada’s first dedicated to recruiting recent grads to work at Canada’s best social enterprises. Graduates who successfully become a Fellow at Venture for Canada spend two years working at a Canadian startup, participate in a five-week Fellow Training Camp, and receive ongoing mentorship.

“At Venture for Canada, we believe in the importance of venturing not just for oneself, but also for others,” said Scott Stirrett, executive director of Venture for Canada.

“We are proud to support Venture for Canada in fostering entrepreneurship through their unique and comprehensive programs,” said Sandra Odendahl, director of corporate sustainability and social finance at RBC. “As a National Social Enterprise Partner we are looking forward to empowering more young Canadians to launch their own successful businesses with a strong social or environmental purpose.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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