Vancouver’s SREDscore launches free online tool that helps SR&ED claimants file faster


Let’s face it. Filling out government forms to apply for a tax credit are tedious and frustrating. Vancouver-based SREDscore has a solution and wants to help Scientific Research and Experimental Development claimants file faster.

The SR&ED Program is a federal tax incentive program that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes and sectors to conduct research and development in Canada. SREDscore is an online tool that simplifies parts of the SR&ED application process, such as ensuring the content is as accurate as possible.

While the online tool is free, SREDscore has another option that allows those interested in filing a claim to book a consultation to receive advice on anything SR&ED related for $99.

“In my years working with many companies as a professional SR&ED consultant, I saw my clients face the same issues and make the same mistakes time and time again when preparing their claims,” said Ryan Pernia, founder of SREDscore. “I invested in this tool to help the engineers, CFO’s and accountants preparing their own claims do it more efficiently and accurately. This is something the industry has never seen before – we are changing the way claims are done.”


Ian Hardy

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