Vancouver’s Payfirma Partners with Cloud Ecommerce Enablers LemonStand

Vancouver-based multichannel payments company Payfirma has partnered up with LemonStand, a cloud-based ecommerce platform designed for professional online retailers.

The all-Vancouver deal will see the two startups combine to offer a full solution for online businesses looking to sell their product.  Sellers can now use LemonStand’s ecommerce platform to build a “seamless online shopping experience” while accepting and managing their payments using Payfirma’s multichannel payment.

Payfirma offers a mobile POS, where merchants can accept credit card payment anywhere, an iPad POS to upgrade in-store cash registers, a secure online payment gateways for ecommerce, virtual terminals for web browser, and traditional POS. Basically, any kind of store, whether online or offline, can now accept payments, while building a nice online shop through LemonStand. ls-logo-yellow-black-300

“Payfirma offers more than online payments because we know that businesses need to be selling across multiple channels to stay competitive,” said Payfirma CEO Michael Gokturk. “Larger merchants who want both an online and physical storefront will now have the ability to create a beautifully customized eCommerce site with LemonStand, complete with access to our multichannel payment rails to integrate their online, in-store and mobile payments.”

Of course there’s already one giant in Canada who can already provide all of this in Shopify. Shopify started allowing merchants to accept mobile payments in January, offering its free mobile POS card reader. It’s running on $100 million worth of venture capital and recently announced that over 100,000 businesses are using its technology. But there’s always room for competition.

LemonStand offers a “new standard of flexibility,” including fully customizable and mobile-friendly storefronts, advanced product management and zero transaction fees. By choosing Payfirma to accept and manage their ecommerce payments, online merchants also get access to a full suite of multi-channel payment products, under one account.

“LemonStand was created to give growing online retailers more options within an easy to use platform,” said LemonStand CEO Danny Halarewich. “We’re excited to offer our high growth customers a powerful new method to deliver a seamless online shopping experience and the ability to use Payfirma to accept and manage their payments.”

The two startups said the integration is ideal for growing businesses generating more than $150,000 in annual revenue.  pay



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