Vancouver’s Mio Global Shows Off the ‘Alpha’ Strapless Heart Rate Wearable

At GROW Conference in Whistler, BC, Mio Global CEO Liz Dickinson engaged in a spirited panel discussion about the future of wearable technology and whether “software is eating wearables.”

Joining her was Jawbone‘s Andrew Rosenthal and Lululemon‘s Brian Peterson.

Dickinson was also in Whistler to show off the Alpha, her company’s wearable tech product that looks like a slick sports watch. Really, its the world’s first device that measures one’s heart rate without chest straps, something Dickinson saw as obtrusive, uncomfortable and aesthetically unappealing.

Our Joseph Czikk caught up with the Vancouver-based CEO and was lucky enough to wear the device, learning a bit about his own heart rate levels at the same time. Check it out:



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