Vancouver’s LemonStand takes on Shopify with impressive first-year growth, expanded leadership team


It’s never an easy task to compete against fellow Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify, especially since it’s preparing for an IPO in the coming months. However, Vancouver-based LemonStand has soldiered on and made significant headway in the space.

Following partnerships with PayFirma and German online payments solution PAYMILL, LemonStand has seen significant growth in its business since launching January 2014. The company allows online retailers the ability to grow their business by offering the option to customize the design and the entire shopping experience with its eCommerce platform, specifically bundling in e-commerce analytics, developer APIs, and zero transaction fees.

The company has been around for years, but in January 2014 it completely redesigned its business model as a Software as a service (SaaS) and built by a new team. LemonStand has seen the first 3-months of 2015 skyrocket. Compared to end of quarter in 2014 to end of quarter 2015 it has recorded an increase of 2917%. Apparently the reason for the surge is a result of increased adoption in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.\

LemonStand has also announced new appointments to its leadership team, with Ross Paul becoming VP of Growth, and Bruce Alderson as CTO. Paul and Alderson will focus on accelerating the LemonStand platform development and continuing to drive growth.

LemonStand Founder and CEO Danny Halarewich, said, “While we are still young and have more work to do to mature our platform, feedback from our customers and partners around the world has reinforced our belief that one size does not fit all. We’re building a leadership team that’s focused on executing our mission to help eCommerce brands stand out from the sea of carbon­copy online stores, and optimize the shopping experience from end­to­end using our platform’s unmatched customization features.”

LemonStand now has seven employees and has received financial backing from BDC Venture Capital, Paul Rochester, Michael Klinger, Kalle Radage, and Michael Weider.


Ian Hardy

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