Vancouver’s LemonStand Now Available to European Merchants


Vancouver’s ecommerce platform LemonStand is expanding to the European market via a new partnership with German online payments solution PAYMILL.

As we’ve said before, its never an easy task to compete against fellow Canadian ecommerce platform Shopify, but LemonStand seems to be making some decent headway over the past few months. In early May the startup partnered up with another multichannel payments company, also based in Vancouver, called PayFirma.

Now LemonStand has partnered with European online payments provider PAYMILL. As part of the partnership, LemonStand users can now integrate online payments with PAYMILL directly in their account without having to touch any code. PAYMILL also offeres “extensive security measures” like 3D-Secure, which helps protect from fraudulent activity and lower chargebacks.

“We are thrilled to develop the UK market together with LemonStand,” said PAYMILL cofounder Jörg Sutara. “The extensive partnership is the perfect starting point for LemonStand in the EU area and a huge step for PAYMILL in achieving our goals of delivering merchants a simple and fast way to offer secure and reliable payment in their shops.”


Shopify also has an integration with PAYMILL for European merchants. LemonStand’s cheapest plan costs just $29 per month, which gives merchants to ability to sell up to 250 products per month with unlimited storage. The next highest range is $69 per month with 2000 products. Shopify charges $29 per month for unlimited products, but just 1GB File storage, which is likely where most people feel they need to upgrade to the 5GB, $79 per month “professional” plan. It looks like for smaller merchants selling less product, LemonStand might be the better choice, but there’s a number of other factors that go into that decision, including design or template use and more.

LemonStand said its focus is on helping online retailers grow their business by offering free reign to customize the design and the entire shopping experience. Other key features that it offers to growing retailers include e-commerce analytics, robust store management and a powerful API. Partnering with PAYMILL “enables the company to also offer its European customers a customizable and seamless checkout experience.”

“We’re excited to offer PAYMILL as a way for our European customers to seamlessly accept payments from their e-commerce websites,” said Danny Halarewich, LemonStand’s CEO. “The PAYMILL developer docs were very straightforward, easy to follow and the API is terrific. The 3D-Secure integration was the easiest we have ever seen from a payment processor, so they get a big thumbs up from us!”


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