Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep.82: Kevin Rockwood, software engineer at Skelter Labs

skelter labs

Kevin Rockwood from South Korea-based Skelter Labs, a company working on several artificial intelligence based projects, joins host Drew Ogryzek. After eight years working in Cincinnati as a software developer, Rockwood and his wife decided to move to Korea.

Having not done any research into the job market for software developers in Korea, Rockwood says attending local tech meetups, like the Seoul Elixir meetup which he currently organizes, is an excellent way to meet people and connections, and even find meaningful employment.

Programs such as the Korean government’s Tech Incubator Program for Startups, or TIPS, are helping the thriving Korean startup scene.

For those interested in life as a software developer in Seoul, South Korea, follow Rockwood on Twitter at @kevinrockwood.

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Drew Ogryzek

As a software developer, lead organizer of HackerNest Vancouver, organizer of the Vancouver Tech Meetup, and founder of the Vancouver Tech Podcast, Drew is very active in Vancouver's tech community. Find him on Twitter at @drew_bro

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