Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 78: Adaptech Solutions’ Adam Dymitruk on Monoliths vs. Microservices

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Dive deeper into Monoliths Versus Microservices with part two, where special guest Adam Dymitruk, CEO of Adaptech Solutions joins host Drew Ogryzek.

What is a monolith? What does microservices architecture bring to the table? What should we consider when determining what makes sense for the software that drives our business?

Dymitruk shares his software development experience and thoughts on what leads to the monolith, how to avoid it, and where to go from there. He also has an interesting spin on technical debt, preferring to consider it more of an investment, particularly if it is something that is contributing value to the business.

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Drew Ogryzek

As a software developer, lead organizer of HackerNest Vancouver, organizer of the Vancouver Tech Meetup, and founder of the Vancouver Tech Podcast, Drew is very active in Vancouver's tech community. Find him on Twitter at @drew_bro

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