Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep.67: Matt Visser and Graydon Bensler of Syllabi Learning Solutions


Host Drew Ogryzek opens the show with our guests Matt Visser and Graydon Bensler, partners in the education technology SaaS company Syllabi Learning Solutions, for which Visser and Bensler sent out a demo to a few schools last week. This provided them with some early feedback that allows them to tweak the UI/UX visuals and some of the backend functionality to better meet their end user’s needs.

Ogryzek reflects on his week where he finds that treating the product people on his team as customers, with an “under promise, over deliver” mindset allows his team to make better estimates and provide quality software.

Visser and Bensler have been working with Adaptech Solutions, who hold a weekly meetup; DDD/CQRS/ES Practitioners, held at The Tribe coworking space in Gastown, which they recommend checking out.

A highlighted event for this week is the BC Tech Summit. Chad Leaman of the Neil Squire Society, who was on the podcast in episode 65, is putting on a half-day event to build a LipSync at the BC Tech Summit.

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Syllabi is essentially a digital student planner. Visser explains that universities such as UBC use Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, or other learning management software. Syllabi Learning Solutions aggregates student study schedules into a single customizable calendar with the due dates of all the student’s enrolled courses.

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