Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep.66: Alex Wingert and Lester Tiro from Advisor Websites

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Host Drew Ogryzek, Alex Wingert, and Lester Tiro from Advisor Websites speak about onboarding new people, and strategies for evaluating during the 3-month probationary period. Advisor Websites has been growing by about five to eight people a year for the past several years, and its websites are designed specifically for financial services professionals, financial planners, and advisors helping to automate online presence compliance among other things.

One strategy that the team tried with onboarding was a “team retrospective” applied to a new member of the team, where each other member writes the good and the bad on Post-It notes, then review the notes as a team.

They tell us about some of their products, such as Advisor funnels. A product that helps financial advisors market themselves online through digital advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which delivers local leads for financial advisories.

Both Ogryzek’s company and Advisor Websites have recently introduced QA teams. Ogryzek notes that he initially felt some growing pains, seeming to have to slow down during the QA processes, but that in the end that tends to speed up the overall process by greatly reducing the number of bugs leaked into production code. Amazon Web Services recently had some issues that may have been prevented with better QA.

Wingert reviews his week, with an ongoing theme of communication. They are currently getting ready to release a new version of their product, and Tiro has been focusing on getting everyone from different teams on the same page without inundating them with too much information. By including a subset of people from each department, while creating new processes, slowly introducing the rest of their teams is a big help in not impeding progress.

Advisor Websites is hiring, so make sure to check out their careers page, which also has a link to register for one of their monthly tours of the office.

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