Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep.64: Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer of PressReader

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Hosts Drew Ogryzek and Alex Moxin talk about Adaptech Solutions being tech agnostic, and what that means. Ogryzek speaks about the responsibility a software developer has to deliver clean, maintainable code. Moxin also talks about her experience at the Women Who Code Vancouver meetup; Ogryzek wanted to go to the Docker Vancouver meetup, but couldn’t get an Evo, so he ended up not going at all.

Moxin will be giving a talk with Adam and Robert of Adaptech Solutions on event-sourced project management at Mobify, in a joint meetup between the DDD/CSRS/ES Practitioners & Digital Project Managers meetups.

Special mention to the Global AI Hackathon in Vancouver on June 23 to 25. Contact @osamakhn on if you’d like to sponsor food or beverages.

Special guest Nikolay Malyarov of PressReader

Our special guest this week is Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer and general counsel at PressReader and editor-in-chief of The Insider, PressReader’s industry magazine.

We discuss PressReader’s roots, relevancy of press media in the digital age, accountability of journalists and media platforms, and PressReader’s focus on creating a platform that helps quality journalism to survive in the realities of today. Questions arise like whether Facebook Media is a reasonable platform for truth in news, or a form of censorship. We ask what sort of responsibility PressReader has in ensuring truth in its content versus providing a large variety of content to its customers, Shopify’s stance towards Breitbart, and craft paper publications.

After the interview, Drew downloaded the PressReader App and quickly found his new favorite digital magazine Linux Format.

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As a software developer, lead organizer of HackerNest Vancouver, organizer of the Vancouver Tech Meetup, and founder of the Vancouver Tech Podcast, Drew is very active in Vancouver's tech community. Find him on Twitter at @drew_bro

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