Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep.62: Nikolas Badminton, futurist

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On this week’s podcast, Drew Ogryzek talks about hiring incentives at his company. Alex Moxin put her node reading on hold, and with help from AdapTech, is solutions building an Event Store (stores events for CQRS solutions) using node.js, which so far includes creating a basic webserver. She’s installed and is learning to use Vimium so that she can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate, and is learning about http (hyper text transfer protocol) response headers.

Meetups around town Alex and Drew attended were Hackernest (hosted by Drew), TechVancouver, and DDD/CQRS/ES hosted by AdapTech.

This week, our featured guest is Nikolas Badminton! Badminton is a researcher and futurist speaker who splits his time between Canada (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal), USA, and the UK. He provides insights into how people, communities, cities, businesses, and countries are changing with applied exponential technology. Nik’s primary interests in technology are in mixed reality, Internet of Things, smart cities, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy.

He studied applied psychology and computing in the UK, and specialized in artificial intelligence and linguistics along with social network theory and human-computer interaction. For over 20 years, he’s been hacking his way through tech jobs in big data, analytics, advertising, and the sharing economy.

He recently interviewed Edward Snowden at the University of Waterloo, spoke to 1,500 leaders at the Premier’s Forum for Natural Resources in Prince George, and you can see him at these upcoming events: Canada Futurists in Vancouver and Toronto; Our Futures Conference at Quest University in Squamish; and the 18th Annual Privacy & Security Conference. He will be leading a panel about mixed reality with innovators in that field.

You can see some of Nik’s featured work and speaking engagements at and be sure to check out his Modern Futures Podcast, which will soon rebrand to Exponential Minds. Heard here first on the Vancouver Tech Podcast, Nik will soon be launching Exponential Minds, which will be a content and event network and a worldwide superinfluencers network. He is also launching the Futurists Speakers Agency this month, so do check on soon.

Welcome to the future!

If you’re interested in contacting Nik you can reach him at or on twitter @NikolasFuturist.

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Alexandra Moxin

Alexandra works for Adaptech Solutions as Business Development Manager and cohosts the Vancouver Tech Podcast with Drew Ogryzek. Part time model and management consultant Alex's background in tech began as a producer/digital project manager. She has over 10 years experience on small to medium scale digital, app, design, creative and infrastructure projects and has led and mentored technical, design and quality assurance teams. Areas of expertise are stakeholder engagement, agile, waterfall and crossover methodologies, planning, research and communication. Alex is learning to code and enjoys community development through going to meetups. Her core values are integrity, commitment to excellence and doing things right the first time.

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