Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 56: Dean Sutton of Insight Dx

Alex and Drew open the show talking about interview protocols and discuss the book Drew is reading: Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions, by Gayle Laakmann McDowell.

They review hightlights from the previous week’s meetups in the Vancouver tech scene, about Alex talks about progress and encountering rabbit holes with learning to code from her blog currently hosted on Medium. They also discuss drawbacks (bloat) and benefits of software, including how awesome the Jet Brains IntelliJ IDEA IDE is.

Our guest this week is Dean Sutton. Dean is the CEO and co-founder of Insight Diagnostics which is a medical technology company from Vancouver, and speaks about the projects they’re working on and the process of fundraising. Dean believes in developing technologies, companies and movements that truly matter. He’s focused on building health technologies, clean energy, and early stage technology development.

Dean recommends a few resources if you’re just getting started: read Lean Startup by Eric Reise, go out to meetups and events, and speak to universities about their recent or upcoming grads in the fields and technology you’re looking to pursue.

Dean supports the Vancouver startup and technology scene from a founder’s perspective and is providing guidance and support through Farmteam and has provided early stage financing for startups through resources such as Wavefront, Creative Destruction Labs and many more.

Dean is also looking for technical talent with health tech experience to join his team, so if you’re on the hunt, reach out to him by email or on Twitter @DeanSutton.

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Alexandra Moxin

Alexandra works for Adaptech Solutions as Business Development Manager and cohosts the Vancouver Tech Podcast with Drew Ogryzek. Part time model and management consultant Alex's background in tech began as a producer/digital project manager. She has over 10 years experience on small to medium scale digital, app, design, creative and infrastructure projects and has led and mentored technical, design and quality assurance teams. Areas of expertise are stakeholder engagement, agile, waterfall and crossover methodologies, planning, research and communication. Alex is learning to code and enjoys community development through going to meetups. Her core values are integrity, commitment to excellence and doing things right the first time.

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