Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 50: Windows Platform Developer Group

Alex Moxin and Drew Ogryzek open the show talking a bit about reasonable assumptions of how things are versus how they end up being in the real world; whether engineers should follow reasonable assumptions or test everything; how event storming and CQRS help deliver early prototypes quickly; the upcoming inaugural Vancouver Tech Meetup and an open-contribution style company; and go over the upcoming week of meetups around town.

Our guest this week is Mark Schramm, organizer of the Vancouver Windows Platform Developer Group. We talk about Microsoft’s Surface Studio, intermediate steps in between new tech, some of the cool projects he’s working on through his consulting company Fusionware Integration Corp., and some of the mentoring he has done at Microsoft.

The Vancouver Tech Podcast is a weekly show focusing on the growing tech industry in the city of Vancouver. Get caught up on the events and meetups around town, startups, new businesses, developers, designers, community programs, and news. Each episode includes an interview with an outstanding member of our community.

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