Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 47: BuildDirect

Drew and James open with some news about the future of the show. Be sure to listen up! There is also a chat about online learning resources. We also cover a little be of the S.O.L.I.D principles. Our guest this week is Klaus Salchner, VP of Engineering at BuildDirect.

If you don’t know about BuildDirect, don’t worry. We cover a ton of topics in this episode. We go over the company’s growth, the original concept, who the customers are, what challenges they face, as well as some of the cool technology behind the scenes.

If you didn’t know, BuildDirect is a fast-growing company. Only a few years ago they were at 10 people. Now they plan to be over 100 in the next year. Although they’re headquartered in Vancouver, they have distribution warehouses all over the States, and one just down the street in Richmond, BC. If you were interested in learning more about BuildDirect, or you are interested in learning about one of the fastest growing companies in the city, this is the show for you!

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