Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 41: and

Drew and James open the show with a quick chat about what a startup is. They also catch up on Drew’s domain problems. There are two guests this week, Peter Wittig from and Justin Vaillancourt from helps its clients create location-based AR games and experiences. One of their big events was in Times Square in New York City where people could experience an Amazon rainforest. We talk to Wittig about the impact of Pokemon Go, as well as when to use audio over video when talking about AR.

Dooly is a relatively new company that creates tools to help people make smarter notes. It can pull from various sources online and also push information to other tools that you use. We talk with Vaillancourt about the future of computers that can anticipate, as well as tool integration.

If you are interested in creating or experimenting with AR/VR, then check out the projects on And if you were interested in what’s happening at, then get in touch with Wittig.

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