Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 40: Cumul8

Drew and James open the show with a quick chat about the most popular programming language and whether that measurement is valid. The guest this week is Evgueni (or Ev for short) Naverniouk from Cumul8. The interview starts at 0:00:00.

Evgueni (or Ev for short) Naverniouk is the lead developer at Cumul8. He got his start as an animator, working on converting 2D movies to 3D. He even got to work on Harry Potter! While working as an animator, he got more interested in the technical side of the production. He began working with python, writing tools for the business.

Eventually, the company pivoted to Cumul8 which now focuses on tools for the movie business as well as providing data-driven solutions that provide better insights to their users, no matter the industry.

We go deep in this interview hitting everything from insights about development inside the film industry, hiring in Vancouver, and some of the problems with finding senior-level employees. As well as elaborating on the most popular programming language in the city.

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