Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 38: Adaptech Solutions

Vancouver Tech Podcast

Drew and James open the show quickly with a brief chat but then jump right into meetups. The guest this week is Adam Dymitruk, the Founder and CTO of Adaptech Solutions, organizer of the Git Help and 0-tech meetup, Linux Desktop Meetup, and the DDD/CQRS/ES Practitioners meetup. The interview starts at 0:19:30.

Adam was raised in North Vancouver and has been deeply involved in the Vancouver Tech community, and the greater development community since he was in high school. He started out programming when he was just a young teenager. When he left high school, he began consulting and working in the industry.
He has always been interested in providing his services directly and has formed his company with a handful of senior developers and friends. That company is Adaptech Solutions.

Adaptech helps startups and businesses build great software and tools. Not only that but they also help companies plan projects and hire employees. They have an impressive board and a great team of Vancouver developers.

Our interview covers a lot of topics but hits mainly on DDD (Domain Driven Design), CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), and Event Sourcing/Event Storming. If you were ever confused by these acronyms, Adam breaks them all down for us.

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