Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 37: The Garage

Drew and James open the show reflecting on the last episode that Drew did solo. They also chat about summer and the past couple weeks of meetups. This week’s guest is Stacey Mulcahy, the Senior Program Manager at The Garage in the new Vancouver Microsoft headquarters. The interview starts at 0:24:10.

Before joining Microsoft, Mulcahy spent the last six years in New York working in the web space for a successful New York agency. He role now is basically “manager of toys” at Microsoft. Stacey catches us up on the upcoming events she is going to get into, as well as some of the fun stuff that is in store for Microsoft.

Mulcahy has always been really interested in tech and really passionate about showcasing her latest creations to her friends and peers. She originally joined Microsoft for a change of scenery and a break from agency life. While on a trip to Seattle to visit the Microsoft offices there, she discovered “The Garage”. She showed so much enthusiasm for the type of work they were going there, that she was recommended to run the Garage in the new Vancouver office.

Now she is the head of all the fun toys at the new Microsoft office. To learn about all the cool things coming up, or how you can get involved, listen now!

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