Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 34: Mozilla

Drew and James open the show with an excellent lesson on how to say Drew’s last name. They then discuss some of the tools around server provisioning and a new web server called Caddy. The guest this week is Bryan Clark, the Product Manager for Firefox DevTools. The interview starts at 0:36:44.

Bryan has never worked for a company that didn’t have an open source product. Before joining Mozilla on the Thunderbird team, he worked at Red Hat as a designer. But, he grew tired of the commercial product life and wanted to work on something else. Enter Mozilla. Bryan is now the Product Manager of Firefox DevTools and has a lot to share about the upcoming features. We also chat about some of the other trends in web development, like mobile and responsive design, as well as developing for low-bandwidth.

Bryan also talks about the new Servo engine that is being developed. It is an experimental browser rendering engine built with Rust. He also mentions some of the benefits of writing a browser engine from scratch using Rust.

If you are a Firefox fan or just someone who likes to keep up-to-date with browser trends, be sure to check this one out!

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