Vancouver Tech Podcast Ep. 24: Koho


Drew and James open the show with a quick chat about the bust week then jump straight into the meetups. This week is packed, so be sure to listen carefully. We also have Charles Iliya Krempeaux from Koho as our special guest.

If you are interested in seeing the video with the 14­-year­-old girl talking about how horrible Canadian banks are, you can watch the video here. Charles grew up in Vancouver and spent the majority of his career here. He has an impressive resume and list of accomplishments. We talk about all of the meetups Charles organizes as well as some of the past companies he has worked with.

Charles is currently the CTO of Koho. Koho provides a no-­fee, simple, modern, mobile alternative to a chequing account. They are not a bank, and that makes them pretty awesome for a number of reasons.

Charles also talks about some of his past jobs in the Vancouver area, including Hootsuite and EA Games. If you are interested in Machine Learning or Data Science, Charles is the organizer of multiple meetups for those subjects. He goes over some of the differences between the 2 data science meetups, as well as what to expect from the Machine Learning group. Koho is hiring so be sure to checkout their site and go to the Join Us page.

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