Vancouver-based Voleo and Nasdaq launching equity trading competition for US students

Vancouver-based Voleo, which has developed an equity trading platform, is collaborating with Nasdaq to launch an equity trading competition for college and university students across the US.

The Voleo Nasdaq Equity Trading Competition, which is set to launch on October 9, will invite university and college students in the US to take part in a simulated investment challenge.

The platform, which utilizes Nasdaq Basic, allows users to propose, discuss, and vote on trades in publicly listed stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) via their mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

“Millennials look to be more nimble, agile, and mobile when it comes to investing.”

Voleo said that for the competition, teams will use the Voleo SimuTrader platform to deploy hypothetical currencies to build a portfolio of shares and ETFs. The goal is to help students learn about equity markets and public companies as they compete for prizes.

“Millennials look to be more nimble, agile and mobile when it comes to investing,” said Bjorn Sibbern, executive vice-president of Nasdaq’s Global Information Services unit. “Investment platforms integrated into their lives are a key part of securing investments from that generation and beyond. It’s all about innovative experiences that provide clear upside.”

Thomas Beattie, CEO of Voleo, said the Voleo Nasdaq competition will help improve financial literacy among university and college students in the United States.

“A lack of knowledge is frequently cited by the underinvested, and one of the purposes of this competition is to support university students as they prepare for life after graduation,” said Beattie. “The Voleo Nasdaq Equity Trading Competition hopes to spur thousands of participants in taking positive steps toward a better financial future through the experience they want and need. And with Nasdaq Basic, these students will have access to real-time, accurate data to compete with each other.”

Students interested in Voleo and Nasdaq’s competition can learn more here.


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