Vancouver-based OneGigabit promises to bring you 60x faster internet speeds

If you’re looking for fast internet speeds you best be moving to Vancouver. Start-up OneGigabit, who’s backed by two unknown private investors, is promising to blow away their competitors by giving customers 1 Gbps download speeds to apartments, condominiums and office buildings. This is reportedly 60 times faster than what Rogers, Bell and TELUS who have an average of 75 to 250 megabits per second. Similar speeds are currently offered by in Kasas City with Google Fiber.

Those located in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam and Surrey will have access to these glorious speeds with no bandwidth caps. OneGigabit will charge between $45 to $65 per month. To compare, if you’re a customer on the Big 3 providers you pay between $115 to $226 a month. If the business model is deemed a success in B.C., OneGigabit plans to expand to other regions of Canada.

Eric Kuhnke, Owner and General Manager of OneGigabit stated “For far too long, the near-monopoly large residential ISPs in the Vancouver area have been content to extract revenue from copper cables that they installed 20, 30 or 40 years ago. DSL services over copper phone lines and cable modem service over copper coaxial cables are significantly limited in speed and bandwidth compared to fiber optic access technology.”

Source: OneGigabit
Via: CBC


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