Vancouver-based named Business News Network’s Top Disruptor

After another season of featuring disruptive startups from all industries – and a gruelling selection process, according to co-hosts Amber Kanwar and Bruce Croxon — the top startup of The Disruptors’ latest season was selected., which develops a white-label personal banking chatbot for financial institutions, ended up taking the title. The company will get the chance to pitch to Croxon’s Round 13 Capital.

Co-founders Jake Tyler and Natalie Cartwright sat down with Croxon to talk about the win, their product, and their move from P2P payments platform Payso to banking chatbot

“We met in business school three years ago and our vision has always been the same: to help people better manage their finances through all these new technologies. Originally we started with Payso, the consumer product…and a couple of years in, we saw that there was a strong demand from banks to white-label our product,” said Cartwright. “We quickly realized that that was a much more compelling opportunity.”

Croxon added that many young FinTech companies struggle with customer acquisition and distribution challenges; by making banks its primary customer, alleviates that problem. “If the last five years of FinTech was about FinTechs disrupting banks, I think the next five years will be about FinTechs working with banks,” said Tyler. “That distribution piece, the trust piece, that core infrastructure is super important and challenging to replicate.”

Watch the whole interview below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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