Valent Low-Carbon Technologies raises $30 million led by Kensington Private Equity Fund

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Valent Low-Carbon Technologies, a Canadian cleantech company focused on renewable fuels and refinery processes, has received a $30 million investment led by Kensington Private Equity Fund and CFFI Ventures.

“It is this coalition cocktail that creates a springboard for accelerated commercial-scale technology.”

Founded this year, Valent aims to commercialize technological innovations in oil, gas, and renewable fuels through co-investing with companies to develop low-carbon energy technology. Valent’s technologies focus on areas like renewable jet fuel, removal of sulphur from marine fuel, and other refinery process innovations.

“We roll up our sleeves with our stakeholders and inventors, provide access to relevant field deployment sites, and bring co-investment and off-take from strategic customers,” said Valent CEO Tim Haig. “It is this coalition cocktail that creates a springboard for accelerated commercial-scale technology deployment and near-term revenue potential.”

Haig has led and worked for a number of other cleantech companies as CEO, including BIOX World Energy, which he founded. Valent is currently working with cleantech companies such as biodiesel company World Energy in order to help it launch commercial-scale operations within the renewable fuels industry.

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Valent executive vice president Karlis Vasarais told BetaKit that the company’s technologies have the potential to reduce the energy and carbon emission of fuel production and refining, while also being profitable for both renewable and traditional fuels manufacturers.

“Valent is focusing on distinct areas of the energy economy that can lead to cost-effective, widespread transition to low-carbon fuels,” said Vasarais. “[Haig] and I founded Valent to initiate a new way that short-circuits traditional technology commercialization timelines for the energy industry.”

The company has yet to disclose its technologies and portfolio companies, but Vasarais said the technologies are all post-pilot and pre-commercial. Valent expects to deploy technologies in the Maritimes, southwestern Ontario, and Alberta.

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