UHWK pitches a sharper eye for athletes on #TheDisruptors


Any athlete knows that being able to review mistakes made during a game is a key part of improving for the next one. And UHWK, a Kitchener-Waterloo sports wearables company, wants to help make that a reality.

The startup was on The Disruptors last week to pitch The UHWK Show, a wearable HD camera that allows athletes to review game footage from their perspective, retrieving the video via USB to view on their computer.

“I would say that we’re disrupting the action camera industry, but moreso we’re progressing the sports and entertainment industry,” said co-founder Shea Kewin. “We started this because we were athletes who were looking for a way to capture great POV video.”

Bruce Croxon, co-host of The Disruptors and a self-professed hockey player, questioned whether he would actually want to see himself falling on ice, and whether that would actually improve his game. Co-host Amber Kanwar said that may not be where the opportunity lies. “Fans of the NHL players want to see what their favourite player is looking at,” Kanwar countered. “You get NHL and some of these broadcast companies to give you point-of-view cameras, and then the fan is literally with their favourite player.”

Croxon conceded the point, but noted that the wearable camera market would only get more crowded for UHWK. “It’s small and they’re going after a niche, but they better go fast,” Croxon said.

Watch the rest of the pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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