Uber taking on public transit again with wheelchair-accessible UberWAV


Uber announced today that it has upgraded its transportation options for Toronto’s disabled community, formerly known as UberACCESS, bringing a new fleet of wheelchair-accessible vans to the city in partnership with Dignity Transportation.

The improved UberWAV, for “wheelchair accessible vehicles”, was born from a forum the company held last year in conjunction with OCAD’s Inclusive Design Institute, which sought ways to improve the quality of service offered to movement-limited individuals across the city.

UberWAV now sits on the main tab bar of the Uber app, and the company notes that prices have been lowered to the same levels as a regular UberX ride, down significantly from what it previously charged for accessible rides. Each Dignity Transportation van has a ramp or lift and room for up to four wheelchairs.

While the TTC, Toronto’s transit authority, already offers accessible pickup and drop-off through its Wheel-Trans service, Uber says that UberWAV is often faster and, by splitting fares, comparable in price to the city’s option.

This isn’t the first time Uber has positioned itself as an alternative to the TTC. Last month, the company launched UberHOP, a low-cost commuting option for Toronto residents in high-density areas who travel daily to the Financial District.

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