‘Uber of prescriptions’ app PopRx launches in Toronto


Lately, it appears like there is an Uber equivalent for everything, producing varieties of on-demand services, from food and alcohol delivery to carpooling. The latest startup looking to cash in on the trend bills itself, not without controversy, as the “Uber of prescriptions.”

PopRxPopRx was founded by University of Waterloo grads Vejey Gandier and Dr. Ali Esmail, who built an app that provides same-day delivery for prescriptions, as well as basic prescription tracking and upkeep.

After a successful launch in British Columbia and Winnipeg, PopRx has secured relationships with several local pharmacies in Toronto — notably, not Shoppers Drug Mart — with plans to eventually expand the service across Canada. PopRx is backed by Nicole Verkindt and Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein.

The app is currently available on iOS, with an Android version coming soon. Users just snap a picture of their prescription, creating a database with one’s drugs. Once customers are need of a refill, they simply find the prescription and swipe left, which then automatically charges a credit card on file or, when applicable, one’s insurance company. The pharmacy then receives the order and fulfils it.

The app and delivery service is free for the customer, but PopRx states it receives under $1 per filled prescription.

“We are excited to continue to expand our services to the Toronto market,” said Esmail. “We are the first and only Canadian company that offers this service, allowing customers the freedom to get their prescriptions, refills and pill reminders for free with a simple click on their phone. Whether you are a busy parent, or have ongoing prescription needs, you no longer have go to the pharmacy and wait in lines for your medications. PopRx delivers right to your door, for free.”

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