Uber is prepping UberEats food delivery launch in Toronto


According to emails obtained by MobileSyrup, Uber is in the process of negotiating with several Toronto-based restaurants to bring them on as partners in a new food delivery service the company plans to bring to Toronto.

“We are exploring the idea of launching a lunch-delivery product within the Uber app,” says one of the confidential emails, which is addressed to the owner of a prominent local restaurant. “The vision of this program is to get people from hangry to happy, in less than 10 minutes.”

The service the emails details is called UberEats. Uber recently brought UberEats to New York City, Chicago and its first international destination, Barcelona. Prior to that, the company had been piloting the service in Los Angeles for more than half a year as UberFresh.

As the email mentions, UberEats is integrated within the company’s existing smartphone app. Where it differs from other on-demand food services is that the company promises to bring an item to a person’s doorstep within 10 minutes.

The company accomplishes this feat by limiting the items people can order from one of its restaurant partners. UberEats also does not deliver to every neighbourhood within the cities in which it operates. This is because the company orders food items ahead of time, and has its drivers ferry them around, waiting for customers to order them.

It’s not clear from the emails obtained by MobileSyrup when Uber plans to launch the service in Toronto, nor is it clear how many restaurant partnerships it has secured.

An Uber representative declined to comment.

This article was originally published on our sister-site, MobileSyrup.


Igor Bonifacic

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    Why Uber drivers have to hide from their personal Insurance Companies & Revenue Canada? Why Uber drivers don’t tell their Insurance Companies that they are using their personal vehicle as a taxi to make money? When Uber driver gets into an accident the insurance policy is null & void for breaching the personal use over commercial use cheating? Very soon company will be out!
    Please call any insurance company to find out about the consequences of using your personal vehicle for commercial use! Please protect yourself & your loved ones by taking only fully insured & properly licensed City taxis!

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