Uber claims it will create 8,000 full-time jobs in Toronto this year

Taxi associations drove Uber out of the province after legislation required ridesharing license to operate in the city.

Uber’s business practices may be under scrutiny from Toronto’s politicians, but that hasn’t stopped the company from flaunting its latest numbers.

Uber took to its blog today to say that it is “on track to create the equivalent of 8,000 full-time jobs” in the city by the end of 2015.

The company says these new jobs are “having a huge impact on Toronto’s economy.” According to its own statistics, drivers that used the app have cumulatively earned $6 million. The number of Torontonians using Uber has also increased. The company says that there are “thousands” of people who use the service each day, and that they take half a million rides per month.

Uber, however, has courted controversy for its tendency to attract part-time workers, pulling them away from other potential full-time roles. Its UberX program has also siphoned rides away from licensed cab drivers in the cities in which it operates.

While Mayor of Toronto John Tory has said Uber is “here to stay,” the city is currently considering banning the company’s Uber X app from the 12,000 smartphones currently in use by city employees.

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