TubeMogul explains how it solves advertising fragmentation on #TheDisruptors


In the past few decades, advertisers could rely on television to reach across demographics video viewing options like video on demand, connected television, and mobile, media audiences are more scattered than ever before.

At the same time, companies are emerging to fill this advertising gap. The Disruptors co-host Amber Kanwar sat down with Dana Toering, managing director at TubeMogul Canada, to find out what the media landscape may look like in the future and how advertisers are coping.

TubeMogul’s platform allows brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure, and optimize their global advertising strategy; companies using TubeMogul can orchestrate their ad campaigns across all screens, including digital, television, and out-of-home channels.

“We’re just entering a whole new phase in media consumption. The fact is, in the last five years, there’s been more fragmentation than there has been in the last fifty years,” said Toering.

Kanwar ended off wondering what Toering’s predictions were for the media landscape in the next five years. “The biggest thing now is that it’s not going to get any easier than it is now. Consumers are driving everything in the end. Millennials in Canada are $70 billion in consumer spending and close to 30 percent of the population, how do we reach them?” he said. “Traditionally, TV provided us this incredible platform to drive the broadest reach and control frequency. Now that’s changed.”

Watch the whole interview below:

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Jessica Galang

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