Tread’s Noah Dolgoy shares the “big three” traits needed for startup success

At the latest TechTO event, Tread CEO Noah Dolgoy offered some reassuring words about how entrepreneurs need to “seek discomfort and express vulnerability,” as well as what top traits you should be looking for in employees and yourself.

Dolgoy said startups are actually business experiments, and if experiments in controlled environments with single variables can fail, it’s no surprise that most startups fail because they have “no controls and a gazillion variables.”

“But actually, the variable that you have the most control over in a startup is yourself,” he noted. “You, your founding team, your core staff members, your stakeholders – these are the variables that actually matter. These are the things you can actually affect change on, and these are the things you need to invest your time and your energy in.”

As well as going over some points about how “wrong doesn’t equal dumb,” Dolgoy stressed that startup entrepreneurs must seek discomfort, and not be afraid to “graciously ask for help, and listen carefully to the honest feedback you get.”

The crux of Dolgoy’s talk involved what he named as the three big traits you need to find in your employees and yourself: adaptive, resilient, and humble.

“As long as you have these three things, it’s going to be okay,” he said. “Even if your startup doesn’t make a billion dollars, it’s going to be okay, because the next one will.”

See the full video below:

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