TouchBistro partners with Square to allow its users to accept Apple Pay, access loans


Toronto-based TouchBistro, a leading iOS point of sales apps for restaurants and bars in 37 countries, announced today that it will soon offer full integration with mobile payments company Square, a partnership that enriches the Canadian startup’s digital management system with essential mobile payments tools.

Currently, TouchBistro’s system allows servers to take an order table-side, send it directly to the kitchen, and then provide an automatically generated bill at the end of the meal. With the new integration, the bills can then be transferred to Square for payment without users ever having to leave TouchBistro.

In fact, TouchBistro users can use all the services Square offers, including accepting Apple Pay, depositing money or accessing a loan through Square Capital.

Initially, states the startup’s press release, the integration will be for U.S. restaurateurs, but seeing as the company is Canadian-made, it’s likely the functionality will make its way North before too long.

“This partnership has been many years in the making, we are excited to finally bring Square’s elegant, best in class hardware and processing to our customers,” says Alex Barrotti, CEO and founder of TouchBistro in the release, adding, “Together, TouchBistro and Square deliver a great combination for hospitality venues of any size.”

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