Toronto’s PUSH Strength received 2,000 pre-orders for its PUSH Band, online orders now available to all


The last time we checked in with Toronto-based PUSH was back in July when they were beginning to ship devices to its 2,000 pre-orders. If you weren’t one of the lucky few who originally backed the project on Indiegogo, now is your chance to grab a PUSH Band as the company made the product available to purchase for $189 USD.

The PUSH Band, which is the first wearable to measure strength, moves past activity measurement and analyzes strength training to help athletes and gym goers improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury. “Our team has put countless hours into creating a fitness wearable that does more than count reps and steps, but has the specific purpose of improving your performance in the gym,” said Rami Alhamad, CEO and co-founder of PUSH. “We created the PUSH Band for people that are serious about meeting their fitness goals by utilizing data tailored to their performance to maximize their routines.”


PUSH’s device has been in use by many professional athletes including the Dallas Stars, Philadelphia Flyers and the Portland Trail Blazers. Some of the early beta testers included Orlando Magic, Cincinnati Bengals, Toronto Blue Jays and MMA’s top strength and conditioning coach Joel Jamieson.

In addition to the general release of the PUSH Band, PUSH has also made several updates to its app that adds recommendations after each set to decrease, maintain or increase weight. These recommendations are based on the velocity and power tracked by the device during each rep to understand points of fatigue, or when it’s appropriate to increase the intensity. The company is currently working on another release which will add further insights based on your entire workout.

Source: PUSH


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