Toronto’s Impact Centre and University of Oslo offering entrepreneurship internships to Norwegian students

The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto has partnered with the University of Oslo’s Centre for Entrepreneurship to offer 24 Norwegian students a 10-week entrepreneurship internship at a Toronto startup.

Through the internship program, which began on June 12, students from the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship have the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills and learn about startups and Canadian startup culture by working with a Toronto-based company. The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship is an academic co-op program that is overseen by the University of Oslo’s Centre for Entrepreneurship.

“This demonstrates the growing international recognition of Toronto’s innovation and startup ecosystem.”

The Impact Centre said while this internship program has taken place in other cities like Boston, New York City, and San Francisco, this is the first time it is being offered in Canada. Students taking part in the internship are getting an in-class crash course about entrepreneurship, which covers topics like the Lean Startup Canvas and creating business pitches.

Among the students participating in the program is Anja Bergersen, who holds a master’s in food and water security. For her internship, Bergersen is working with Just Vertical, a Toronto-based company that is developing a high school level curriculum for Nunavut and Canadian arctic environments to teach students about hydroponic growing methods.

“It’s a very newly-established startup, so from the start I got to come into meetings with banks, partners, suppliers…it’s super interesting,” said Bergersen about Just Vertical. “I had the experience of being able to build something completely from scratch. It gives you some sense of ownership from the start, which makes you very enthusiastic.”

The Impact Centre said it will run the internship program again next summer.


Amira Zubairi

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